Sunday, December 14, 2008

Life & Style Magazine Giveaway

I am in a giveaway in this weeks issue of Life and Style!!! How exciting! My jewelry is in "The Bachelor" contestants gift bag for this season of The Bachelor. You can win everything the contestants received including my jewelry!! So pick up your copy today and enter to win. You can also visit and click on win it.


Dorana said...

omgosh! erica! congratulations! HOW EXCITING! you have to give us MORE DETAILS THOUGH! tell us what item is in there? how you got the gig? all that good stuff! i dont know how you didnt tell us about it! (jumping up and down) OMGosh how exciting!

siempre - dorana

Mattos said...

So very cool. Congrats
Do give more details.
Hope this brings lots of sales action your way.